Desi Dessert in City Of Nawabs


When we are taking about the summer, our mouth and gullet become desiccated and dry while there are some stuffs like cold drink and ice cream through which we keep them stress-free. There is one such desi stuff which we mainly use to eat to beat the heat and make our mouth chilled and dry free. It is a famous desert which was mainly used in villages in old days but now it has become demanding dessert in all eating places. Yes, we are talking about the desi dessert called Kulfi which we mainly eat in summers to make our mouth dry free.

One of the most famous shops in Lucknow has been serving this dessert for the last 50 years and making lucknowites exultant, by keeping their quality and taste the finest. The name of this shop is Prakash ki Kulfi which is quite desi like the dessert they serve. This shop is located in Aminabad the center of shopping. When you get tired shopping or having a dinner at Tunday Kababi then you can have this delicious dessert called Kulfi. This dessert is mainly served with ingredient called Faluda which looks like colorful noodles. Faluda is added to increase the taste of dessert and it makes sweetness of Kulfi neutral which is good for health.

This shop was started by Late Shree Prakash Chandara Arora in 1965 with view workers and he used his own formula to make this desi dessert delicious. Presently his sons Karan Kumar Arora, Harsh Kumar Arora and grandsons Gaurav Arora, Nitish Arora are running the business with their enthusiasm and affection towards their family business. They are keeping their family business alive by keeping their quality finest and making their customers satisfied. Both the grandsons are looking after the business with full dedication and faithfulness besides their studies.

Kulfi is a desi dessert and it has its own way of making but Prakash Ki Kulfi uses their own formula of making which makes their Kulfi delicious and different from other Kulfi. For making Kulfi they boil milk for three to four hours and add Kesar and other secret ingredients to make this dessert delicious and delightful. They also use their own way of freezing Kulfi. In this process they put sticky stuff of Kulfi in small containers of metal and seal them with flour (Maida). At last they keep small containers in a big container of metal and add rock salt and ice in it. Then they shake the big container for one to two hours for freezing sticky stuff of Kulfi in small container.

Both grandsons Gaurav and Nitish have added their own creativity to their business by launching their new Kulfi flavors like Strawberry, Butterscotch, Coconut and Chocolate last year. They also have a Kulfi for diabetic patients who used to only imagine having this desi dessert. They are also planning for opening more branches in Lucknow next year to serve their desi and delicious dessert to all Lucknowites and people from outside who come to explore Lucknow.

While talking to Shubham Gupta, 45 years old, we come to know that he used to eat Prakash ki Kulfi since age 5 and now he is a Father of two sons Rohit and Sumit and comes to this shop with his family every week. He also told us that he and his wife Rama first time met at this shop and they didn’t know that the sweetness of Kulfi would also bring happiness to their life.

After talking to some customers we come to know that Prakash Ki Kulfi has the finest quality and taste and they are also serving their love to almost all people of Lucknow as well as the people who are coming to explore Lucknow. While having Kabab in the City of Nawabs you can also have this delicious dessert which is becoming popular with its melodiousness and taste. I hope the Kulfi of Prakash can bring sweetness and happiness among the people of Lucknow and can also give a new flavor with new sense of taste to Lucknow.

(Published in The Lucknow Observer, Volume 2 Issue 14, Dated 05 May 2015)

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