The Lucknow Observer

“Tehzeeb Koi Meri Nazar Mein Jachegi Kya,
Meri Nigaah-e Shauq Ne Dekha Hai Lucknow”


As it’s first English language news monthly, Lucknow Observer aims to first and foremost document and to preserve the rich cultural and literary heritage of the city. The objective is to remind and to return to contemporary citizens a historical legacy that belongs to them, to help transform that which is in a state of decay into development and above all to share with readers local personalities and events that make living in Lucknow such a special experience.


• To educate the people in general and youngsters in particular with the literary & cultural aspects of Lucknow
• To publicize the knowledge of historical facts, monumental evidences, lost heritage, declining mannerism and extincting flavor of Lucknow
• To restore the diminishing traditions of Lucknow and make every citizen a proud associate of unique Lucknowi Tehzeeb
• To realize a holistic betterment of Lucknow through concentrated efforts of awareness and objective welfare

“Da’wa Zabaan Ka Lucknow Walo’n Ke Saamne,
Izhaar Boo-e Mushk Ghazaalo’n Ke Saamne”

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